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Design Week - Thursday 5/5 Edition: A Beautiful Home In The Real ‘Truman Show’ Town Hits The Market


A 3,000-square-foot beachfront home is on sale in Seaside, Fla., a planned community so pristine it was used as the too-good-to-be-true town on The Truman Show. (The Jim Carrey film was shot in 1998, back when it seemed unbelievable that Americans would watch a reality show about a hapless fool for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.)

The entryway to the Rossi house.

The house, offered for $11.8 million by Christie’s International Real Estate, was the residence of the town’s founders, Robert and Daryl Davis. After the Davises inherited the land that became Seaside in the late 1970s, they conceived a master plan that would serve as a beachhead (pun intended) of the New Urbanist movement, which promotes small, ecologically sustainable and walkable towns. (The Seaside slogan: “A simple, beautiful life.”) Seaside has more than 300 homes—all in walking distance of the town center—more than 12 restaurants, and over 40 shops and galleries.

The view from the top of the house.

The Rossi house—so named because it’s the only building by the Pritzker prize-winning architect Aldo Rossi in the U.S.—is on the town’s western edge and has three bedrooms and three and a half baths.

The Rossi House, surrounded by the town of Seaside.

The house, which has almost 2,700 square feet of outdoor space (almost matching the indoor square footage) was built in the mid-1990s; the parcel on which it sits contains three Gulf-side lots with potential for two additional residences.

A living area.

The house features a Bang & Olufsen integrated sound system with speakers in every room, Gaggenau and Miele kitchen and laundry appliances, and, as a coup de grace, a retractable motorized skylight that opens to the roof terrace.

The kitchen with Gaggenau appliances.

The Rossi House is just as beach-y as you’d expect from the founders of a town called Seaside: There are white finishes everywhere, Adirondack chairs amply distributed, and an outdoor terrace with a grill and an outdoor shower.

A terrace with an outdoor grill.
A terrace with an outdoor grill.

Given the lot size and the house’s architectural pedigree, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the estate is priced several million dollars higher than other houses in the town. If you buy the Rossi house, you’re not just buying into Seaside, you’re (arguably) buying the best of it.

A bathroom with a steam shower.
A bathroom with a steam shower

One of the house's three bedrooms.
One of the house’s three bedrooms.

A living area.
A living area.

The house has close to 3,000 square feet of outdoor space.
The house has close to 3,000 square feet of outdoor space.

The house fronts the water.
The house fronts the water.
via Bloomberg


Design Week - Wednesday 5/4 Edition: Step Inside This Modern Lake House That is Half Cabin, Half Barn


Lake|Flato Architects designed a modern house that was made for breezy, lakefront living in the hot Texas sun. At the shared age of 50, a creative director and a financial consultant started a new life in the city where they once belonged.

After residing in the Bay Area, the couple decided to return to Austin, Texas, for a quieter existence in a more rural setting—a place where they could feel secluded outdoors and also have space for the occasional visitor.

They found five acres down a winding road where Lake Austin meets Hog Pen Creek, and the outstretched branches of oak and pecan trees shades the land. It was ideal, and the pair sought to keep it as untouched as possible.

via curbed and dwell


Design Week - Tuesday 5/3 Edition: Industrial Building Transformed Into Modern Apartments


Australian architecture firm DKO aces this building overhaul into apartments in melbourne. The original exterior has been retained blending the old with the new with a perforated ‘floating’ box set back from the existing brick perimeter.

The second level and deck jut out over the edge, to create a recess that inherently emphasizes the distinction between the old and the new; appearing as if they aren’t touching but sitting in harmony.

The floating box addition is defined by a perforated pattern which represents the pattern seen on a nearby church.

“We always kept in mind the culture of the area, and really wanted to be sensitive and careful to respect it, and by this we are giving a bit of history back to the site. the perforated metal screens open to allow solar access and cross ventilation to the apartments.” comments the architects.

Internally, the pixelated perforations aids in the privacy of the inhabitants and influences the play in light and shadow.

this building occupies the present and also talks to us about the past. the design isn’t extreme – yet however its different. our main focus of this design was the consideration of the heritage facade, and by being sensitive to the relationship of the old and the new.”

Metal screens open to allow solar access and cross ventilation to the apartments



via DesignBoom


Design Week - Monday 5/2 Edition: Cool Conversion - Workshop to Stunning Private Loft


Loft Sixty-Four uses a series of voids to give the narrow dwelling a spacious quality.

Loft Sixty-Four

Converted from a workshop in the Netherlands, the Openings in the walls and floors allow occupants to flow freely throughout the interior, creating the sense one large room.

Loft Sixty-Four

The roof of the 65-foot building has been opened up to allow sunlight in, while a series of gaps in the second story illuminate the ground floor.

Loft Sixty-Four

The kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms are all housed in a two-story timber structure at the center of the home, keeping intimate spaces private and obstacles to a minimum.

Loft Sixty-Four
via Uncrate


Interior Style - Thursday 4/28 Edition: A Chair Made From Boeing 737s


The Tucker Brothers' brand Fallen Furniture—a design company that uses reclaimed aircraft parts to create functional appliances—has recently unveiled a chair that has us reaching for our wallets. In short, they took a cowling from a Boeing 737—the silver removable covering that houses the airplane's engine—and turned it into a retro (and super comfortable looking) chair. This isn't the only airplane-focused design they have on their roster. They also use airplane cowlings to create conversation-starting bars (which can also be used as reception desks). Because of Fallen Furniture, a world exists where airplane fuselages become clocks or wall art and escape hatches become coffee tables—a touch of whimsy for a design that really doesn't have much life once permanently grounded.
via Wallpaper | Image courtesy of Fallen Furniture


Wear It Like: Chance the Rapper - Wednesday 4/27 Edition

1. Eddie Peak Lapel Suit @ Reiss
2. J. Crew Loopback Sweatshirt @ Mr Porter
3. Neil Barrett Star Print Hat @ farfetch
4. Le Gramme Silver Cuff
5. Marsell Laceless Ankle Boots @ farfetch
Sounds: Come Together by The Beatles @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Chance the Rapper - Tuesday 4/26 Edition

1. Burberry Piermont Knit Polo @ Matches
2. Maison Margiela Garment Dyed Stretch Denim @ Mr Porter
3. Weber Hodel Feder Hampton Lace-up Shoes @ farfetch
4. Striped Suspenders @ H&M
Sounds: Ten Cent Pistol by The Black Keys @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Chance the Rapper - Monday 4/25 Edition

1. Thom browne Seersucker Trousers @ Mr Porter
2. Anderson's Woven Belt @ Mr Porter
3. James Perse Cotton Crew Tee @ Matches
4. Ebbets Field NYC Embroidered Cap @ Mr Porter
5. New Balance Classics WL574v1 @ Zappos
Sounds: In The Morning by Zhu @ Amazon


Wednesday 4/20 Edition - High Design: The Met’s Rooftop Gets Creepy, Re-creates The ‘Psycho’ House


The Met’s roof garden is a popular summer spot offering immersive outdoor exhibits. 2016 offers British artist Cornelia Parker’s “Transitional Object (PsychoBarn),” which is indeed a replica of the creepy home featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic Psycho.

Photography by Hyla Skopitz, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Copyright 2016.

Parker says she was inspired not just by Hitchcock’s iconic film, but also by the work of artist Edward Hopper, who was known for painting rural landscapes punctuated by the odd barn or rambling old house. In fact, the Bates home in Psycho was allegedly inspired by Hopper’s painting House By the Railroad, and Parker’s piece shares similar characteristics. It’s covered in reclaimed wood, which comes from an actual barn; she’s stated that she wanted to contrast the “wholesomeness” of that image with the creepiness of the Hitchcock film.

One thing is for sure: This is likely to be the biggest Instagram bait of the summer, with a subtitle (PsychoBarn) that’s destined to be used thousands of times…so get to the exhibit before that happens. It opens tomorrow and will be on view through October 31 (appropriately enough).

Photography by Hyla Skopitz, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Copyright 2016.

 Photography by Hyla Skopitz, The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Copyright 2016.

 Photographed by Alex Fradkin, Photo courtesy Cornelia Parker

via Curbed | PLead Photograph by Alex Fradkin, Photo courtesy Cornelia Parker


High Seas: Tuesday 4/19 Edition - Mercedes-Benz Debuts 960HP Arrow Yacht

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht, dubbed the "Silver Arrow of the Seas", takes the three-pointed star's car design lines to the water. The 46 footer maintains classic automotive proportions and a hybrid design that combines the feeling of an open boat with the benefits of a hull cabin vessel.

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht

The interior accommodates up to 10 people, and is lined in eucalyptus wood, features an upscale bathroom, separate dressing room, and a host of luxury standard features like a wine "cellar", ice-making machine, high-end audio system and air conditioning. Peak performance was also a major factor with two diesel engines packing a stunning punch of 960 hp, enabling this arrow to travel at a cruising speed of 30 knots (35 mph) and a top speed over 40 (46 mph).

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht

With only 10 boats constructed, or one boat per country, official pricing has yet to be announced. However, rumors say a $1.7 million price tag is to be expected.

Mercedes-Benz Granturismo Arrow Yacht
h/t: Uncrate


Monday 4/18 Dish Edition: Here’s 5 Things You Can Do With Light Beer Besides Drink It

Craft beers are where it’s at when it comes to flavor, complexity and newness. They’re what we reach for when we’re stocking up on six-packs. But when it comes to cooking, you often need beer that is, to put it nicely, a bit more basic. That’s where light beer comes in to play. So dig out the cans that have been hibernating in the back of your fridge since your neighbor from two doors down “gifted” them to you at your last party and use them in one of these great recipes.
Food & Wine:
This version of the British staple is fried in a wonderfully light beer batter.
Food & Wine:
Sweet and sticky, this chicken dish brings to mind teriyaki chicken.
Food & Wine:
This chicken-and-rice is especially juicy and tender.
Food & Wine:
The steak for this delicious burrito is marinated in beer before being rubbed with ancho chile powder.
Food & Wine:
It’s hard to go wrong with these creamy, bacon-studded soup.
via Food and Wine


Wear It Like: Tom Hiddleston - Wednesday 4/13 Edition

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3. Harry Modern Fit Airforce Blue Trousers @ Reiss
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Wear It Like: Tom Hiddleston - Tuesday 4/12 Edition

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Wear It Like: Tom Hiddleston - Monday 4/11 Edition

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4. Hugo Boss Blue Jason Dress Shirt @ Mr Porter
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