Saturday 12/20 Edition: Hang Your Hat - Minecraft Creator Beats Out Beyonce For This $70 Million Mansion

The most expensive home in Beverly Hills triggered a bidding war among celebrities and moneyed international buyers. The winner: Billionaire Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft.
For $70 million, Persson got the 23,000 square-foot mansion and everything inside, including cases of Dom Perignon and two dozen Roberto Cavalli place settings at $3,700 a pop, according to John Aaroe Group, the real estate company that took care of the sale.
The mansion, which John Aaroe Group describes as the priciest sale in Beverly Hills in years, has a candy room, an 18-seat movie theater, three high-definition 90-inch televisions that can screen panoramic views of Los Angeles from the roof and a replica of James Dean’s motorcycle.
Persson, who sold his company, Mojang, to Microsoft for $2.5 billion this fall. Mojang launched Minecraft in 2009.
“Marcus fell in love with the house, its sleek contemporary design and its spectacular panoramic views that sweep from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean,” Katia De Los Reyes, a real estate agent with John Aaroe Group, said in a blog post on the firm’s website. “The fact that the house also was completely furnished in such great style was another major selling point for him.”
BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z also bid on the eight bedroom house, TMZ reported earlier this month. The mansion was originally priced at $85 million, according to Curbed Los Angeles.
The mansion also boasts vodka and tequila bars, a 54–foot curved glass door in the living room that opens onto an infinity pool with iPad-controlled fountains and 15 bathrooms, all equipped with $5,600 toilets. Check it…
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Wear It Like: Michael Strahan - Friday 12/19 Edition

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2. Etro Checkered Classic Suit @ farfetch
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4. Lennox Blue Check Shirt @ Sir Jack's
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Wear It Like: Michael Strahan - Thursday 12/18 Edition

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Wear It Like: Michael Strahan - Wednesday 12/17 Edition

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Wear It Like: Michael Strahan - Tuesday 12/16 Edition

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Wear It Like: Michael Strahan - Monday 12/15 Edition

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Friday 12/12 Edition: A Secret Ballroom Built In The 1800s Lies Under A Lake

Wow: A Secret Ballroom Built In The 1800s Lies Under A Lake
A giant statue of Neptune sits atop an underwater dome enclosing a secret room under the lake of the Witley Park in England.
The entire estate was drenched in opulence and extravagance. It was built in the late 1800s by Whitaker Wright, a shady businessman who was convicted of fraud after many years of floating bad loans and swindling investors. In 1904, he took his own life via cyanide pill on the day of his sentencing.
The stairway.
A long hallway connects the dome to the entrance, here lit by long exposure.
Entering the ballroom.
Inside the underwater ballroom.
The roof of the ballroom is paned in translucent glass to let light filter through from the water above.
How the statue looks from the shore of the lake.
No one dances here any more.
The underwater ballroom – now owned by entrepreneur Gary Steele – lies empty. Only the fish remain, forever circling the stately pleasure dome of an infamous swindler.
Learn more about Whitaker Wright and this estate on DailyMail.


Wear It Like: Douglas Booth - Thursday 12/11 Edition

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Wear It Like: Douglas Booth - Tuesday 12/9 Edition

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